I installed SmartTarget 2011 SP1 on a Tridion 2011 environment (.NET) following the instructions in SDL Live Content.

The problem is that When I publish a page, all my


tags are converted into


The bad thing is that


is also transformed into


instead of


What am I missing? Thank you!

Edited to add TCDLEngine section of cd_deployer_conf.xml (I deleted commented lines):

        <Property Name="tcdl.dotnet.style" Value="controls"/>  
        <Property Name="tcdl.jsp.style" Value="tags"/>  
    <Property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="tridion" />
    <Property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="smarttarget" />

    <TagBundle Resource="com/tridion/smarttarget/tcdl/tagbundle.xml"/>
  • Can you post what you have in the TCDLEngine section of the cd_deployer_conf file for the target that's processing the deployment packages? Oct 18, 2012 at 12:17
  • Yeah, this sure looks like an issue with the TCDL mappings, I've seen this before. Please post the TCDLEngine section as Jeremy asked. Oct 18, 2012 at 13:03

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Remove the following elements for your Deployer config:

<Property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="tridion" />
<Property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="smarttarget" />

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