I have a discussion-db, and I need a great amount of test data, for different sized samples. Please, see the ready SELECT, JOIN and CREATE-queries, please scroll down in the link.

  1. How can I automatically generate test data to the db?

  2. How to generate test data in different sized samples?

  3. Is there some ready tool?


Here are a couple of suggestions for free tools that generate test data:

  • Databene Benerator: supports many JDBC-capable database brands, uses XML format compatible with DbUnit, GPL license.

  • Super Smack: originally a load-test tool for MySQL, it also supports PostgreSQL and it includes a generator of mock data.

I asked a similar question here on StackOverflow in February, and the two choices above seemed like the best options.

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    Which one is easier to use for Postgres? – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 Aug 18 '09 at 19:58
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    As a software developer, you should have the ability to download two such tools, try them out, and evaluate which one meets your needs best. – Bill Karwin Aug 18 '09 at 20:06

I know this question is super dated, but I was looking for the answer to this exact question today and I came across this:


Out of the options listed (including built in tools like pgbench), pgFoundry has several compelling options that works perfectly for the test cases I am working on.

I thought it might help someone like me, so there it is.


I'm not sure how to get automatically generated data and insert it into the database (I'm sure you could pull it off with a python script or something), but if you're just looking for endless blabbering to stick into a db, this should be helpful.


I'm not a postres person, but in many other DBs I've used, a simple mechanism for generating large quantities of test data is a cross join. The technique is particularly useful for generating large quantities of test data.

Here's a nice blog post on it (SQL Server specific though).

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