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Is it possible to program iPhone in C++

I'm very familiar with C++ and Java. I know iOS doesn't support Java. But I really don't want to learn another new language Objective-C. So is it possible to develop iPhone/iPad apps all in C++ without writing any Objective-C code? Android development gives you NDK as an option for C++ developers. I don't know if Apple gives a similar C++ SDK completely in C++ only.

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Look at the JUCE library.


I build my apps using it, but then I'm mostly interested in audio. Even so, the library is very rich in features and mature. The licenses are reasonably priced too. I am useless with Objective-C, but am able to make highly functional apps purely in C++. Check out the forum on the website and navigate to the iOS section.

Also check out the JUCE tag on stackoverflow


..it is a little quiet here, but the main juce forum is quite busy.

  • This looks very interesting. I will take a deeper look into it. What versions of iOS and Android does JUCE support so far? – tonga Oct 19 '12 at 2:09

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