I have installed a magento website and configured one store.In configuration design i added the package and theme i have created for it in website level, store level as well as default store level

folder structure is like



I have added catalog.xml to packagename/mytheme/layout folder to remove some of my right side elements like compare products.since it was not working i tried it with local.xml also

but it falls back to packagename/default/layout/catalog.xml

Can anybody give some idea what am i doing wrong

Thanks I remain

  • can you add a screen capture of your design config in BO and your design/ directory structures ? – Cétia Oct 19 '12 at 12:07

Check System > Configuration > GENERAL > Design > Themes > Layout, it should be "default" and check System > Configuration > GENERAL > Design > Package > Current Package Name it should be "packagename".

If these settings are correct, delete the cache as .suggested by Cags and everything should work fine


I find that normally, if you changed something in xml and it's not working, it's because of cache. My preferred option for purging the cache is with rm -rf var/cache/mage--*.

  • its not because of the cache. i have already disabled the cache – zamil Oct 22 '12 at 10:59

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