I was working on webpage (Chat.aspx) accidently my system got shutdown. Now my visual studio opening webpage in notepad which is empty(showing nothing).

I also tried it to open with in Html editor, it also showing that file cannot be opened in selected editor please choose another editor.

How can i recover my work/code?


Once I faced the same issue , I researched a lot on internet but in the end I ended up with writing the page again. Basically File pointer in Memory becomes invalid or corrupted due to which OS can not open the file in VS. here is a link for you

When I faced this problem one of the expert suggested me that it is not possible to get back your page .

If you have backup of your page then use that.

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I recently faced this issue working in VS 2010 and I was breaking my brain. Luckily I had source control, so to solve the issue I manually deleted it the file and got latest version.

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