How do I display my time in 24h format instead of 12?

I am using moment.js.

I am pretty sure that these lines could have something to do with it.

   meridiem : function (hours, minutes, isLower) {
        if (hours > 11) {
            return isLower ? 'pm' : 'PM';
        } else {
            return isLower ? 'am' : 'AM';

How to change it?


Stating your time as HH will give you 24h format, and hh will give 12h format.

You can also find it here in the documentation :

H, HH       24 hour time
h, or hh    12 hour time (use in conjunction with a or A)
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    Stackoverflow is always shorter than a DRTL of RTFM ;-) thx for making me quick to find this answer! – Pipo Dec 23 '18 at 18:03

Try: moment({ // Options here }).format('HHmm'). That should give you the time in a 24 hour format.


Use H or HH instead of hh. See http://momentjs.com/docs/#/parsing/string-format/

moment("01:15:00 PM", "h:mm:ss A").format("HH:mm:ss")
**o/p: 13:15:00 **

it will give convert 24 hrs format to 12 hrs format.

  • It actually convert 12 hr format to 24 hr format. And it works for me. – NomanJaved Nov 28 at 10:44

You can use

 moment("15", "hh").format('LT') 

to convert the time to 12 hours format like this 3:00 PM


//Format 24H use HH:mm
let currentDate = moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm')

//example of current time with defined Time zone +1
let currentDateTm = moment().utcOffset('+0100').format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm')
<script src="https://momentjs.com/downloads/moment.js"></script>

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