how to get the access token from facebook ios sdk 3.1?

I'm already getting the facebook login. Once the login is completed, the app comes to foreground. Although I could not yet figure out how to get the access token from this.

I get null from [[FBSession activeSession] accessToken]; command.

Any ideas?


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accessToken is deprecated so you should use this ...

[[FBSession activeSession] accessTokenData];

This will help you......


FBSession.accessToken, an NSString*, is deprecated. FB documentation suggests using (FBAccessTokenData*) accessTokenData instead. FBAccessTokenData has a field, (NSString*) accessToken, so the solution is to substitute

[FBSession activeSession].accessToken


[FBSession activeSession].accessTokenData.accessToken

EDIT: We're up to SDK 3.8 at the time of this writing.


Hello try this one works perfectly for me,

[[[FBSession activeSession] accessTokenData] accessToken];

Hope it will help you.


This worked for me. Try this:

[session accessTokenData].accessToken

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