i have a table donor_master:

create table donor_master  
donor_id number(10) primary key not null,  
dob date not null,  
age number(3) not null,  
gender char(1) not null,  
blood_group char(3),  
contact_no number(10),  
address varchar(50) not null,  
city varchar(10) not null,  
pin number(10) not null,  
state varchar(10) not null,  
branch_registration_id number(5) references branch_master(branch_id)  

when i try to insert into the table in a procedure insert_donor_master, i get "not enough values" error on compilation.

this is the procedure:

create or replace procedure insert_donor_master(  
vdob donor_master.dob%type,  
vage donor_master.age%type,  
vgender donor_master.gender%type,  
vblood_group donor_master.blood_group%type,  
vcontact_no donor_master.contact_no%type,  
vaddress donor_master.address%type,  
vcity donor_master.city%type,  
vpin donor_master.pin%type,  
vstate donor_master.state%type,  
vbranch_registration_id donor_master.branch_registration_id%type  


    insert into donor_master values (sq_donor_master.nextval, vdob, vage, vgender, vblood_group, vcontact_no, vaddress, vcity, vpin, vstate, vbranch_registration_id);  


What is the problem?


  • in your create or replace procedure you didn't mention about donor_id?? – Saasu Ganesan Oct 19 '12 at 9:01
  • yes, because i am using sequence to insert the donor_id – Neal Oct 19 '12 at 9:09

Oracle hurls ORA-00947 when we specify an INSERT statement which doesn't have a value for every column in the table.

Now, the CREATE TABLE statement you posted shows a table with eleven columns. And the stored procedure code you posted shows an insert statement with eleven values in the VALUES (...) clause.

So, the explanations are:

  1. you have a configuration management issue, and you're running the wrong version of the stored procedure or the wrong version of the table
  2. you have a configuration management issue, and the actual structure of the table isn't what you think it is (doesn't match your CREATE TABLE script)
  3. you aren't really getting an ORA-00947 error

Note that if you don't want to populate every row you can specify a projection of the relevant columns before the VALUES clause. For instance, if you just wanted to populate the mandatory columns you would code this:

insert into  donor_master 
    (donor_id, dob, age, gender, address, city, pin, state )
   values (sq_donor_master.nextval, vdob, vage, vgender, vaddress, vcity, vpin, vstate) 

All that matters is that the number of values matches the number of columns.

The complete syntax for INSERT statements is in the documentation. enter link description hereFind out more.

  • Just now, i tried mentioning the column names before the 'values' in the insert statement above and to my surprise it compiled. But when i remove the list of column names it again gives the error. – Neal Oct 19 '12 at 10:02
  • 3
    @Neal: then check your table's actual structure. – Mat Oct 19 '12 at 10:06
  • @Mat: you were right Mat, the actual table structure had one more column. Should always had trusted on 'desc' rather than the create table code. guess somebody had added a column and didnot change the create table statement. I cannot accept a comment as an answer, so what should i do? – Neal Oct 19 '12 at 10:16
  • @Neal - as I suggested in my answer this is a config mgmt issue: the actual table structure didn't match the version of the code you posted. So accept my answer :) – APC Oct 19 '12 at 10:21

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