I met a problem when I try to

1> convert a text line into object, apply Path > Object to Path (or Shift+Ctrl+c),

2> then appy 'Path>Dynamic offset' (or Ctrl+J).

The text line (let's say "test") can be converted to path. But when I apply Dynamic offset, nothing happens. Normally I will see a tiny small rectangular on the edge of text, but this time I don't see it. Is it because I've changed somewhat default parameter set of Inkscape?

I've done it through:

1> apply text 'Path > Object to Path'

2> Ungroup it 'Ctrl+U'.

3> select all the single letter, apply 'Path > Combine' (Ctrl+K)

Now I can apply Dynamic Offset to the text now.

Thus, any suggestions?


first Ctrl+K (path combine), then Ctrl+J (dynamic offset) will work.

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