I have been migrating our databases, because they were growing too large for the old server. To do this, I had set up Master-Slave Replication, so we were running both the old and new servers during the transition period.

There are three database servers:

A --> B --> C

Where A is the old server, B is the new production server and C is the backup server. A is a master, B is slave to A and a master, and C is a slave to B.

I want to remove the database from A (as above, it's getting too big for the server), and so have stopped the slave on B using STOP SLAVE. I can also clear B's position in A's binary log files using RESET SLAVE.

However, if I do SHOW SLAVE STATUS on B, it still shows A as being the master.

How do I clear the master on B? Is there an option with CHANGE MASTER TO that I am unaware of? Is there an alternative command?

I have looked through the MySQL replication docs and cannot any such sql statements.

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