For example I have line like this:

iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD

what means

'iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD\n'

Its str, but I need to create Dict, like this:


Any ideas?

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Something like this?

>>> s='iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD\n'
>>> k, v = s.split()
>>> {k: v}
{'iamonlywhoknock': 'BREAKINGBAD'}
x='iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD\n'.split(" ")

This should work for you. It is basic string splitting :)


The answer in this post is similar to your question:

Splitting a semicolon-separated string to a dictionary, in Python

But you would probably want it to look like this:

s= 'iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD\notherwhoknock BREAKINGBAD2'
dict(item.split(" ") for item in s.split("\n"))
a = 'iamonlywhoknock BREAKINGBAD\n'
b = a.split()
c = {b[0]:b[1]}

print c

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