docs for 4.1 state that FLAC codecs are supported. However the mediarecorder.encoder list of codecs does not include FLAC.

If i want to record audio on flac at 16000Mhz so that the output can go direct to ..speech-api calls, i dont know what to do other than record to an intermediate format and then insert an ffmpeg step to get exactly what i need to send to the speech api.


above link has no mention of FLAC.


above link includes FLAC as core codec on 4.1.

  • should i just set the container type = FLAC then use 'default' as the encoder? – Robert Rowntree Oct 20 '12 at 17:37

According to the docs, for versions up to v4.1, there is a FLAC decoder but no FLAC encoder.

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