I am developing a PHP app on Heroku. Is it possible for me to use Foreman to test my application? Everywhere I look I find references to Ruby, but nothing for PHP.

Yes, using PHP 5.4 built-in web server:

sudo foreman start -f Procfile_dev

And in Procfile_dev:

web: php -S -t /path/to/doc/root

This is how I develop locally. I also have a line worker: watchr watcher.rb that listens for file changes to combine/minify JS, compile SCSS, etc.

You could probably add db: /usr/bin/mysqld or similar to start mysql if need be.

ALSO: you'll want to install the Heroku Config add-on, which will write the app config keys to a .env file that Foreman will send to php server on startup (accessible via getenv just like on Heroku.)

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