So far I have done the following:

  1. Deployed amazon ec2 instance.
  2. Received certificate/key from instance on desktop.
  3. Have ftp cyberduck on my mac.

What else is remaining?

Im stuck at the puddy part for converting the key on my desktop.


If your EC2 machine is running an SSH server, you basically are ready to go. See the Cyberduck manual about Public Key Authentication, especially this part:

In the Connection Dialog or the Bookmark editor in Cyberduck select Use Public Key Authentication and select the private key in your .ssh directory.


Follow this video for step by step instructions

Open Cyberduck - > Open Connection -> Select SFTP from drop down Provide necessary parameters and under more options Click "Use public key authentication" and specify your path to .pem file. Then press connect button

Follow this if you like to use FileZilla.

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