I searching a way to dynamise the version of my artifact depending on the profile.

Often I use the -SNAPSHOT suffix when I build for dev or preprod. But the database connection depends on the profile and I never know if the latest SNAPSHOT version was build using the dev or preprod profile.

The idea would be having a version like this


with ${suffix} =

  • "" when building with prod profile
  • "-SNAPSHOT" when building with preprod profile
  • "-DEV-SNAPSHOT" when building with dev profile

Is there a way of achieving this ?


edit :

My goal is when I go on jenkins to build my jar, I build the same "tagged" version of my project with the 3 profiles and it deploys 3 differents artifacts.

Actually I tag my project and go build with the prod profile, then I modify the version to add -SNAPSHOT, commit, move the tag, re build with preprod profile, and then repeat for the dev profile.

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    This is the wrong way to do it with Maven. What is your actual goal? Describe that, I will try to help. – Michael-O Oct 21 '12 at 13:40
  • My goal is to know which profile was used, when the artifact was build and installed. I now have to manualy manage my version number every time before I build, depending with which profile I will build. – jpprade Oct 21 '12 at 13:55

Seeing your answer to @Michael-O comments, i'd recommend to configure the maven assembly plugin to create the final name of the artifact according to a system property set on each profile. For example:

        <id>create jar according to profile</id>

where ${profile} should be a property set to a different value on each profile (for doing that you can see this question). I dunno if there's a variable to get the profile being currently used to build, that would be another question :)

  • This is not necessary, I would rather use a standard mech: Simply specify a classifier for your artifact in the jar plugin. – Michael-O Oct 21 '12 at 19:06

It is not necessary to reassemble the JAR, I would rather use a standard mech: Simply specify a classifier for your artifact in the jar plugin.

Otherwise I would filter a properties in a given properties file and read that in your app. This what I do, e.g. system.env=prod|test|localdev.

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