Why does this code not work in Bash?

whiptail --infobox "My Text" 0 0

The manual states:

whiptail --infobox text height width

So what is wrong?


Due to a bug, the --infobox option in whiptail doesn't work in an xterm (ie. gnome-terminal). It does work on a regular console, however.

This seems to be a long-standing bug, which has been brushed off as non-reproducible when it was reported.

More recently it has again been reported in Launchpad.

If you need a working --infobox under xterm, you can use dialog.


Definitely looks like a bug.

I think it must be saving the screen, displaying the box, but then clearing the screen again (like "less <filename>") - you can see output if you pipe it through something like "cat -v".

I think vt220 is pretty similar to xterm, so a workaround is:

TERM=vt220 whiptail --infobox "My Text" 0 0
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    Great! Only one addition: first try TERM=ansi in order to have colors support, then fail to TERM=vt220 if the previous doesn't work. – gildux Feb 23 '18 at 10:44

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