Xcode 4.5 gives a "Retina 4 support" warning if you don't include a "widescreen" default launch image as part of your project.

My problem is that if I don't add the image my app works fine iPhone 5's with the OS adding some letter-boxing to fill in the unused real-estate, but I have a warning I can't get rid of. If I do add an image the app uses the full screen which is a problem (animations that play or start and stop partially offscreen now are onscreen, etc.)

So my question is:

  • Is there a way to suppress the "Retina 4 support" warning?
  • If not is there a way to add a default image while keeping the app in the non-widescreen "letter-boxed" mode?

Does this help in answering your question? It looks similar:

Missing Retina 4 launch image. How to ignore this error?

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