I would like to disable multiple check-outs for our TFS projects. Here is how I expect it to work:

  1. Bob checks out File1.cs.
  2. Joe double-clicks on File1.cs in his Visual Studio Solution Explorer and tries to modify it buts sees an error message saying that someone already has that file checked-out so he cannot check it out.

I've tried setting it up like this in Visual Studio for both Bob and Joe:

  1. Within Team->Team Project Collection Settings->Source Control...->Workspace Settings Tab I changed the default workspace type from "Local (recommended)" to "Server".
  2. Within Team->Team Project Settings->Source Control...->Check-out Settings Tab I changed Enable multiple check-out to be unchecked.
  3. Within Source Control Explorer->Workspace Combobox->Workspaces...->Edit...->Advanced->Location I changed "Local" to "Server".

Still, however, Bob and Joe can both check-out the same file at the same time. Is there some other configurations options that need to be set?

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    You performed step 3 for both Bob and Joe's existing workspaces? – Edward Thomson Oct 22 '12 at 15:34
  • Thank you Edward! It turned out that one of them hadn't changed that option from Local to Server. It works now. – Coder6841 Oct 22 '12 at 15:50
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    This issue here is how do we CONTROL this option from TFS not the clients machine. I want to config and control this Server config and push it down to any machine pulling code from this project. – Qui_Jon Sep 5 '13 at 17:39

The issue (as pointed out by Edward Thomson) was that step 3 had not been performed on all of the users' workspaces.


You can also uncheck Enable file merging and multiple checkout in Team Project Collection Settings.

But you have to do this to any type of file you want.


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