In View, I can get action by using


But, I cannot get controller name by


What is the proper way to get current controller in View?

  • If you need this to build links to actions in current controller, remember that you can just omit the 'controller' key in the routing array. – Álvaro González Oct 31 '18 at 10:41

Use $this->params['controller'] to get the current controller.

You can do a debug($this->params) to see other available variables.

  • Thanks for the hint about $this-params! – Oberst Aug 29 '13 at 4:35
  • $this->params['controller'] returns: something_foo. This means you are using the somethingFooController – Marty Apr 4 '19 at 9:39

You can get controller like this:

echo "<pre>controller:".$this->request->params['controller']."</pre>";

Although $this->params is shorter, $this->request->params is more autocomplete friendly. You can check the autocomplete options from this question: PHPStorm autocomplete for CakePHP custom helpers in view files

Other data about request can be taken like this:

echo "<pre>action:".$this->request->params['action']."</pre>";

echo "<pre>request:"; print_r( $this->request ); echo "</pre>";

echo "<details><summary>this:</summary><pre>"; 
      print_r( $this ); echo "</pre></details>";

As of CakePHP 3 $this->params shortcut is removed. So you should user $this->request->params['controller'] for CakePHP 3.
Also note that first character of controller is uppercase. It was lowercase in Cakephp 2.

  • Instead of echo "<pre>#code_here#</pre>"; you might want to use "debug()" – Gus de Boer Dec 29 '15 at 14:38

$this->name also give you controller's name. Their difference with $this->params['controller'] is it's first letter capitalized


Results in:

 \app\Controller\AppController.php (line 176)


\app\Controller\AppController.php (line 177)


To get the current controller, Try this :$this->params['controller']

To get the current action, Try this :$this->params['action'].


I am using cakephp 3.2

$this->params['controller'] - It is not working, showing error message as bellow..

"Missing Helper"

Following code is working properly in cakephp 3.2

$this->request->params['controller'] - Working

To get the current,

  • controller: $this->params['controller']
  • action: $this->params['action']
  • arguments:$this->params['pass']

For cakephp 3.6 and later:

Although above solutions will work but it gives deprecated warning and will not work in cakephp 4. So It is better to use the following code to get the controller name. It will work in view page and controllers as well.


All the other solutions are to get the controller name... I need the controller itself, so I did the following function in an AdminHelper.php called by $this->Admin->_getController('MyControllerName') into the view.ctp file

function _getController( $pControllerName ){
    if ( ! isset($this->controllersArray[$pControllerName]) ){
        $importRes = App::import('Controller', $pControllerName);// The same as require('controllers/users_controller.php');
        $strToEval = "\$controller = new ".$pControllerName."Controller;";
        $evalRes = eval($strToEval);
        if ( $evalRes === false ){
            throw new AppException("Eval returned an error into ".__FILE__." getController()");
        $controller->constructClasses();// If we want the model associations, components, etc to be loaded
        $this->controllersArray[$pControllerName] = $controller;

    $result = $this->controllersArray[$pControllerName];
    return $result;

Note: don't forget to declare it into the controller you'll use for example:

  • people/view.ctp -> $this->Admin->_getController('MyControllerName')
  • PeopleController.ctp -> var $helpers = array('Html', 'Form', 'Admin');
  • AdminHelper.ctp -> function _getController(...

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