I've got a web project that runs a Silverlight app. Due to the massive build times I am trying to use "Attach to Process" instead of running in debug in Visual Studio.

When I build the full solution I can attach fine, but when I make a change and build the changed project I get "The breakpoint will not be currently hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document".

If I check the modules window and look at the the offending project I see "Cannot find or open the PDB file". I check the load information and it says "C:\Source\Project\Web\bin\myProject.pdb: PDB does not match image.: PDB does not match image."

After the build of the single project the following files are updated: C:\Source\Project\Web\bin\myProjectName.pdb C:\Source\Project\Web\bin\myProjectName.dll C:\Source\Project\Web\ClientBin\myProjectName.xap C:\Source\Project\bin\Debug\myProjectName.pdb C:\Source\Project\bin\Debug\myProjectName.dll C:\Source\Project\bin\Debug\myProjectName.xap C:\Source\Project\myProjectName\obj\Debug\myProjectName.pdb C:\Source\Project\myProjectName\obj\Debug\myProjectName.dll C:\Source\Project\myProjectName\bin\Debug\myProjectName.pdb C:\Source\Project\myProjectName\bin\Debug\myProjectName.dll

So everything looks ok. The same files are updated if I do a full rebuild.

I've tried copying the contents of the build folder into the Web bin folder. I've tried setting Symbols file locations for all of the above folders.



I have found that when debugging Silverlight projects, I have to make sure the project launches using the IE browser. I'm not sure if this is your problem, because it could be anything - just a thought though.


Are you sure C:\Source\Project\Web\ClientBin\myProjectName.xap file is changing. Check FileLastWriteDate. And follow my previous post about this issue.


Hope helps.

  • The Xap appears to be updating. I have it working (most of the time) now. I have added in symbols folders for all locations. I have 3 instances of Visual Studio: 1) Solution with only the web project, the initial startup silverlight project and the silverlight project that I'm currently working in. 2) Full Solution (all projects loaded( for client-side debugging 3) Full Solution (all project loaded) for server-side debugging. – SturmUndDrang Nov 1 '12 at 13:24
  • If I make a change to the silverlight project I'm working on I DON'T build it in 2) as this fails to load the symbols. I switch to 1) and run without debugging ( I have to include the newly changed project though - otherwise the symbols are out of date). – SturmUndDrang Nov 1 '12 at 13:24
  • I then attach in 2) to iexplore.exe and most of the time I can debug. Sometimes however, it is the other way around - I have to build in 2) and run without debugging in 1) to get the symbols to load. I can attach in 3) to iisexpress.exe if I want to debug the server side (this is the most reliable. I only build the server side items in this solution and the symbols are normally in-sync). I wish I knew exactly what is happening during the build process so I could get things working 100% of the time... – SturmUndDrang Nov 1 '12 at 13:25
  • Firstly you wrote down "3 instance of VS" so this may cause a problem stackoverflow.com/q/2524/413032 . As I see you are trying develop rapidly.New generation programming approaches producing many generated codes ,especially for UIs. These auto generations of your VS2010?'s makes your projects non-synchronized. I think this is worst side of plugin development you need to package your app. And as I experienced asp net development server lives for while then you sessions. Maybe you may use IIS instead of express. – Davut Gürbüz Nov 1 '12 at 15:47

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