When AirPlay is enabled in a MPMoviePlayerController, it displays a text "This video is playing on device name ". When using AirPlay with an AVPlayer, is there any way to programatically get the device name?

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    Nov 19, 2012 at 15:47

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Starting from iOS7 AudioToolbox API for currentRoute becomes deprecated:

Apple instead made currentRoute API available to you in AudioSession, which allows retrieving it's port information as well as listening to audioRouteChangeNotification in a nice way:

NSString* airplayName = [self activeAirplayOutputRouteName];
if (airplayName) {
    //airplay is active


[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(audioRouteHasChangedNotification:) name:AVAudioSessionRouteChangeNotification object:[AVAudioSession sharedInstance]];

(what you want to get is the portType of portDescription of audioSession.currentRoute):

- (NSString*)activeAirplayOutputRouteName
    AVAudioSession* audioSession = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance];
    AVAudioSessionRouteDescription* currentRoute = audioSession.currentRoute;
    for (AVAudioSessionPortDescription* outputPort in currentRoute.outputs){
        if ([outputPort.portType isEqualToString:AVAudioSessionPortAirPlay])
            return outputPort.portName;

    return nil;

- (void)audioRouteHasChangedNotification:(NSNotification*)notification
    //do something

I'll post a similar answer than ambientlight for swift. Maybe it is helpful for someone in the future.

private func addAirplayNotifier() {
    NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserver(self, selector: Selector("airplayChanged:"), name: AVAudioSessionRouteChangeNotification, object: AVAudioSession.sharedInstance())

func airplayChanged(sender:NSNotification) -> Bool {
    var airplayConnected = false
    let currentRoute = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().currentRoute
    for output in currentRoute.outputs {
        if output.portType == AVAudioSessionPortAirPlay {
            print("Airplay Device connected with name: \(output.portName)")
            airplayConnected = true
    print("Disconnect Airplay")
    return airplayConnected

Swift 3.0

private func addAirplayNotifier() {
    NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: Selector("airplayChanged:"), name:NSNotification.Name.AVAudioSessionRouteChange, object: AVAudioSession.sharedInstance())
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After searching in other frameworks to get the name of the Apple TV you're connected to, I finally found this information in the AudioToolbox framework. There may be other ways to get this, but so far I have not found another way. Hope this helps.

You'll need to import the AudioToolbox framework:

#import <AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h>

and then a method to call when you want to detect if airplay is available

- (BOOL)isAirplayActive {
  CFDictionaryRef currentRouteDescriptionDictionary = nil;
  UInt32 dataSize = sizeof(currentRouteDescriptionDictionary);
  AudioSessionGetProperty(kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRouteDescription, &dataSize, &currentRouteDescriptionDictionary);

  self.deviceOutputType = nil;
  self.airplayDeviceName = nil;

  if (currentRouteDescriptionDictionary) {
    CFArrayRef outputs = CFDictionaryGetValue(currentRouteDescriptionDictionary, kAudioSession_AudioRouteKey_Outputs);
    if(CFArrayGetCount(outputs) > 0) {
      CFDictionaryRef currentOutput = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(outputs, 0);

      //Get the output type (will show airplay / hdmi etc
      CFStringRef outputType = CFDictionaryGetValue(currentOutput, kAudioSession_AudioRouteKey_Type);

      //If you're using Apple TV as your ouput - this will get the name of it (Apple TV Kitchen) etc
      CFStringRef outputName = CFDictionaryGetValue(currentOutput, @"RouteDetailedDescription_Name");

      self.deviceOutputType = (NSString *)outputType;
      self.airplayDeviceName = (NSString *)outputName;

      return (CFStringCompare(outputType, kAudioSessionOutputRoute_AirPlay, 0) == kCFCompareEqualTo);
  return NO;
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  • in iOS 8 you need to change: if(CFArrayGetCount(outputs) > 0) to: if(outputs && CFArrayGetCount(outputs) > 0) Sep 13, 2014 at 4:27
  • Can some help with a swift version for the same? Apr 14, 2022 at 8:48

Swift 4

private func addAirplayNotifier() {
        selector: #selector(airplayChanged),
        name: AVAudioSession.routeChangeNotification,
        object: AVAudioSession.sharedInstance())

@objc func airplayChanged() {
    isAirPlaying = false
    let currentRoute = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().currentRoute
    for output in currentRoute.outputs where output.portType == AVAudioSession.Port.airPlay {
        print("Airplay Device connected with name: \(output.portName)")
        isAirPlaying = true

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