I've asked a few similar questions but probably didn't provide all the info required.

I have setup the latest version of Sphinx - and have created the indexes (although I'm not 100% i've optimised this configuration) (see the pastebin link at the bottom for this config)

Below is the script that connects to the Sphinx API with the string 'teaching' that i'd like to perform a search on - currently I have four indexes (see the config here - http://pastebin.com/DGgheqYm) i'd need to be able to determine which index that each results come from as this will determine which table that i'll need to perform the query on


// {$table}/{$pk} would vary depending on which index we are using (eg if articles index - then it would use the table called 'articles'
$IDs = implode(",",array_keys($result["matches"]));
$sql = "SELECT * FROM {$table} WHERE {$pk} IN ($IDs) ORDER BY FIELD(`id`,$IDs)"

With the array of IDs it returns can anyone suggest the best way to :-

  • Determine which index a result is coming from to determine the query

  • And..if I am doing this the 'right way' - bit of a noob with Spinx :)

    $cl = new SphinxClient();
    $cl->SetServer( "localhost", 9312 );
    $cl->SetMatchMode( SPH_MATCH_ANY  );
    $result = $cl->Query( "teaching" );
    if ( $result === false ) {
    echo "Query failed: " . $cl->GetLastError() . ".\n";
    else {
    if ( $cl->GetLastWarning() ) {
      echo "WARNING: " . $cl->GetLastWarning() . "
    if ( ! empty($result["matches"]) ) {
      foreach ( $result["matches"] as $doc => $docinfo ) {
            echo "$doc\n";
      print_r( $result );

http://pastebin.com/rDYa3MUj http://pastebin.com/DGgheqYm

UPDATE : Still having problems here is the output from Sphinx API - I cannot understand why my attributes that i've added using the help from Barry's post doesn't seem to appear http://pastebin.com/jzBexCBq


Each index sets an 'constant' attribute....

source articles
sql_query = SELECT ID, 1 AS table_id, Title, Description FROM articles
sql_attr_uint = table_id

source publications
sql_query = SELECT Title_ID, 2 AS table_id, Title, PageTitle, PageContent, Description FROM publications
sql_attr_uint = table_id



foreach ( $result["matches"] as $doc => $docinfo ) {
    switch($docinfo['attrs']['table_id']) {
        case 1: echo "Article:$doc\n"; break;
        case 2: echo "Publication:$doc\n"; break;
        case 3: echo "Library Content:$doc\n"; break;
  • Should the sql_query be exactly as you've shown eg... SELECT ID, 1 AS Table, Title, Description FROM articles I've done as your post and when I run indexer --all I get the following error: ERROR: index articles: sql_query: You have an error in your syntax.....use near 'Table, Title, Description FROM articles There is no column called Table in the articles - any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated :) – Zabs Oct 24 '12 at 11:50
  • Ah of course Table, is a reserved word in mysql! It doesn't matter what the attribute is called, it just needs to be the same name in every index, have edited the answer to change to use table_id instead. – barryhunter Oct 24 '12 at 13:20
  • wicked barry your the man with all this sphinx stuff!! :-) – Zabs Oct 24 '12 at 13:22
  • 1
    +1 Upvoted because Barry is Awesome. After tearing out most of my hair, I stumbled on a PHP script on his website and it saved my job two days ago! Off-topic, yes I know ^_^ – Cogicero Feb 20 '13 at 11:13
  • Barry is pretty awesome! – Zabs Oct 8 '13 at 12:19

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