I initially needed to display two QToolBars in such a way, they are in two rows. I found the solution for that problem through this:

How to set the line where a QToolBar is displayed?

In my program there are a few QToolBars in the first row, they can be moved. In the second row I have another QToolBar which can't be moved (fixed).

My requirement is to make the 2nd QToolbar stay always at the bottom row. As of now, if the top QtoolBars are moved, 2nd toolbar position changes accordingly.


Have you tried setting the QToolBar to not movable? i.e.

mySecondToolBar->setMovable( false );

By default all QToolBar objects are movable. Although I'm not sure if this solution helps in the case of having two QToolBar stacked but worth a try.


  • I have tried that, but it doesn't cater the requirement :( – warunanc Oct 25 '12 at 18:02

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