Is it possible to reset multiple form fields in one line, or one hit, with jQuery. Note: I don't want to reset all form fields, only a specified whitelist (as below):

// reset some form fields                       
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jQuery (and CSS) selector strings can contain multiple selectors using a comma as a delimiter for sub-selectors:

$('#address11, #address21, #town1, #county1, #postcode1').val('');

I'd argue that this is faster than using a class (ID look-ups should perform in essentially constant time, whereas a class look-up will have to visit every DOM node), but perhaps less maintainable if you're going to want to change which elements get reset.

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    .class is faster :) – RASG Oct 25 '12 at 14:58
  • Interesting, thanks for that. I assume parsing the selector string is what takes longer. – Cecchi Oct 25 '12 at 15:07

It is better to use a class so you do not have to maintain a long list of ids.


<input type="text" class="resetThis" id="address11" />
<input type="text" class="resetThis" id="address21" />



If you have a lot of fields i'd label the ones you want to ignore with a class to minimise code:

$('#myForm input:not(.ignore)').val('');

You can use $('#Form_name select:not(.fixed)').val('');

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