I am recording a set of pages using JMeter. Some of the pages have dynamically generated token stored in hidden field.

I retrieve this token using xpath extractor, query is //input[@name='__RequestVerificationToken']/@value, store it in variable and use this variable for next request.

I don't know why this request is getting failed. I have checked the request value in View Results Tree. In raw tab the value is exactly the same as that of hidden field and on http tab "==" is missing at the end.


As mentioned by Andrey Bolatov, there is a visualization issue in Request HTTP Tab which has now been fixed (you can test using nightly build.

This does not explain you issue.

To debug, add a Debug Sampler to see what has been extracted.

You issue may come from the fact that you didn't encode the parameter, read:

Send Parameters With the Request


Looks like a bug in JMeter. I reported it here - https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=54055

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