Basically I want to specify "all files that end with Test.dll", also known as *.Test.dll. *.Test.dll doesn't work, presumably because it matches only files in the current working directory.

However, I didn't have any luck with **\*Test.dll either. For some reason I had to use **\bin\**\*Test.dll for it to find any test assemblies it could run.

The TeamCity 7 documentation for MSTest doesn't say anything about wildcards, as far as I can tell. Can someone help me understand wildcards when specifying test assemblies for the MSTest runner in TeamCity 7?

Is it possible to specify files matching a certain file name pattern, but in whatever directory?


According to the TeamCity documention on Wildcards **\*Test.dll should have worked. So either it's a bug or the forward slash versus backward slash issue is significant.

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