How to prevent exception, if requestParameters.sortBy is passed as string (java.lang.NumberFormatException) or is missing (java.lang.NullPointerException)?

<view-state id="journeySearch" model="journeyForm">


    <transition on="sort">
        <set name="journeyCriteria.sortBy" value="requestParameters.sortBy" type="int" />
        <evaluate expression="bookingService.searchJourneys(journeyCriteria)" result="viewScope.journeys" /> 

requestParameters.sortBy will be null if it doesn't exist, but it should not throw a NullPointerException

about the NumberFormatException, you could use something like that:

    <transition on-exception="java.lang.NumberFormatException" to=""/>

you could also implement your own exception-handler and use it with <exception-handler bean=""/> you can use it at the flow or state level.

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