Is there any way to find the parent directory of a path using NSFileManager or something?

e.g. Take this:


And turn it into



The NSString method -stringByDeletingLastPathComponent does just that.

You can use it like this:

NSLog(@"%@", [@"/tmp/afolder" stringByDeletingLastPathComponent]);

And it will log /tmp.


Usually file URLs are of type NSURL. There's now a method you can use to grab the parent directory: NSURL *parentDirectory = [fileURL URLByDeletingLastPathComponent];

  • If the URL is for the root of the file system, i.e. file:///, then the result of deletingLastPathComponent() will be file:///../. So, in most cases, you should handle that as a special case.
    – just_a_guy
    Jul 14 at 17:33

You should use URL for file locations. If you have a path as String I would convert it to URL. For Swift 3 use

let fileURL: URL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "/path/to/something")
let folderURL = fileURL.deletingLastPathComponent()

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