I am switching to mysqli, because mysql_* functions are not supported anymore. When I try to connect to my database, I get an error. Here is my code.




//connect to database
$error = "Could not connect to database";
mysqli_connect('','************','**********') or die($error);
mysqli_select_db('********************') or die($error);

$session_username = $_SESSION['username'];
$session_coin = $_SESSION['coins'];



Could not connect to database

Is that correct when trying to use mysqli?


No, this is not the correct way to connect using mysqli.

The correct way is this:

$mysqli = new mysqli('localhost', 'username', 'password', 'test_db');
$mysqli->set_charset('utf8mb4'); // always set the charset

Three steps:

  1. Enable error reporting.
  2. Create instance of mysqli class.
  3. Set the correct charset.
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