git-credential-winstore works perfect with github and bitbucket repositories, but the prompt does not pop up while working with self hosted repositories. I can' t see what the problem is.

I' ve tried :

git config --global credential.helper winstore

via console

    helper = winstore

in gitconfig and created and stored the credentials manualy. Without success. Can anyone point me to te right direction please? Im using Win7.

Best regards.

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Copy git-credential-winstore.exe into C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\libexec\git-core


Use "wincred" in place of "winstore". It will work. It solved same problem for me.


Execute 'git-credential-winstore.exe' and say 'yes'.


Update 2016:

Use the Git Credential for Windows: available here on Microsoft's GitHub organisation account

Install it and it just works, nothing to configure.

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