I rotate a banner on my site by selecting it randomly from an array of banners.

Sample code as demonstration:

$banners = array(
'<a href="#"><img src="#.jpg" alt="" /></a>',
//and so on
echo $banners(rand(0, count($banners)));

The array of banners has become quite big. I am concerned with the amount of memory that this array adds to the execution of my page. But I can't figure out a better way of showing a random banner without loading all the banners into memory...


Move the banners to html files and change the array to contain only filenames.

Then you can include that file by the name, only loading the banner required.

  • I like this idea best. It will add more work than a database, but it's easier to implement. – reggie Oct 28 '12 at 13:06

Create a database to store the banners in. Then when you do your page load, you could use a SQL query to select a random row.

  • If I did this with MySQL, it would add another query to the page load. Having another query would outweigh the advantage of saving some memory on the page load. DanMan, I only discovered SQLLite recently. But I guess it would be a solution to my problem. – reggie Oct 28 '12 at 13:05

A way to do this without requiring array memory or a database, is to follow an incremental image naming convention, for example naming your images "banner1.jpg", "banner2.jpg", etc. Then you can just do this:

$int_banners = 10;  // the number of banner images you have
$i = rand(1, $int_banners);
echo "<a href='#'><img src='banner$i.jpg' alt=''></a>";  // add an iframe too if you want

If you cannot use such a convention, then you can create an array with just the file names (or use a SQL database to store the banners, as suggested in other answers).

$lst_banners = array("img1.jpg", "/home/img2.jpg", "/about/img3.jpg");
$int_banners = count($lst_banners);
$i = rand(0, ($int_banners - 1));
echo "<a href='#'><img src='" . $lst_banners[$i] . "' alt=''></a>"; 

Or better, you can use array_rand() to find the filename, as suggested by Zlatan:

$lst_banners = array("img1.jpg", "/home/img2.jpg", "/about/img3.jpg");
$name = array_rand($lst_banners, 1);
echo "<a href='#'><img src='$name' alt=''></a>"; 
  • @reggie: Thanks - I didn't really suspect you! – Stefan Oct 28 '12 at 13:35

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