There are many articles about "how to turn off monitors in c#", but they all turn off all the monitors. Is there any possible way to turn off a particular monitor?


A little bit of research lead me here:


Do you know how to call a function like that in c#?

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Looks like this guy has done it all for you:



For calling Win32 Functions not exposed in the .NET Framework PInvoke.net is a good ressource.

The function mentioned in the link of silky can be found here. Also have a look at the used data types. Just copy the code mentioned in "C# Signature" to your project.


Given that the monitor belongs to the user, not you, why do you want to turn it off.

This is just the sort of think I think a OS should protect me from when a application tries it, so expect problems…

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    I have quad monitor setup. 19 + 19 + 19 as working machine, and 30'' for movie, drama, and etc. I usually do not use 30'', so I would like to get control of it. Of course, I can just turn it on/off with power button. However, as a programmer, I just want to know:) – Moon Aug 25 '09 at 9:40

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