I am trying to find some information on intra-row scanning through HBase REST API. However, I have a hard time to see how it could be done according to the documentation, and I am wondering if anyone used this feature from the REST interface?


More specifically, I am looking into how I would do this from a Node.js application.


I found this, but I have a hard time to see how intra-row scanning would be possible...

HBase REST Filter ( SingleColumnValueFilter )

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I still have to test this further, but I have written a document which gives a few examples of stringified filter as per the HBase REST Filter question.

Basically, from what I see it is possible to use FilterList and stack multiple Filters in a JSON array.

More details: https://gist.github.com/3979381

Still have to try it, but it seems like this should work. Will update once I have tried it through the REST API.

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