I've just asked a question about audio, and people suggest that this is a question about html5-audio instead of web audio.

So i wonder what's the difference?


These two concepts are different.

For example, the Introduction paragraph of the W3C proposed standard for Web Audio makes statements like
The introduction of the audio element in HTML5 is very important, allowing for basic streaming audio playback. But, it is not powerful enough to handle more complex audio applications.

Hence hinting at the difference between these two concepts:

HTML5 Audio element = basic playback by embedding audio data in HTML.

Web Audio API = An ECMA Script (JavaScript) based API to support audio capabilities comparable to these of a modern stand-alone PC, such as:

  • mixing
  • processing and filtering (e.g. cave or cathedral effects etc., distance attenuation, doppler shift etc...
  • tasks related to audio production applications
  • capabilities found in modern game audio engines

A word of caution: As of late October 2012, this API is still relatively new and not supported on all browsers and mobile devices. caniuse.com site may be useful to determine the amount of support found for HTML5 and various related technologies on different platforms. The fact that W3C drafts standards for Web Audio is a strong indication that this API will, in time, receive universal acceptance and broad support, but this is not yet the case.

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