In most browsers, the following would work.

window.onload = function(){
    console.log( document.getElementById('svgElm').getBoundingClientRect().width );

Here is a demo. If you try it in Google Chrome, the console will output 200. However, FireFox returns 0.


I've ended up falling back to the parent dimensions if SVG properties cannot be returned. Here is a demo http://jsbin.com/uzoyik/1/edit.

The relavent code is:

svg.clientWidth || svg.parentNode.clientWidth
svg.clientHeight || svg.parentNode.clientHeight

I don't think "width" is a standard cross-browser property of the object returned by the getBoundingClientRect method. I typically do something like:

var box = el.getBoundingClientRect();
var width = box.right-box.left;
var height = box.bottom-box.top;

The solution I found for this was to use .getComputedStyle(). And since svg elements are not supported in old IE8- browsers, .getComputedStyle() is the way to give consistent results.

So I ended up using this function in my library:

var heightComponents = ['height', 'paddingTop', 'paddingBottom', 'borderTopWidth', 'borderBottomWidth'],
    widthComponents = ['width', 'paddingLeft', 'paddingRight', 'borderLeftWidth', 'borderRightWidth'];

var svgCalculateSize = function (el) {

    var gCS = window.getComputedStyle(el), // using gCS because IE8- has no support for svg anyway
        bounds = {
            width: 0,
            height: 0

    heightComponents.forEach(function (css) { 
        bounds.height += parseFloat(gCS[css]);
    widthComponents.forEach(function (css) {
        bounds.width += parseFloat(gCS[css]);
    return bounds;

This Firefox bug was fixed in Firefox 33 which was released on 14 October 2014.

See bug 530985 for details.

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    As of right now in FF 65.0.1 (64-bit), clientWidth and clientHeight for svg elements always return 0 for me. This is not the case with Chrome. However getBoundingClientRect().width/height does seem to work. Why is this? According to MDN: The Element.clientWidth property is zero for inline elements and elements with no CSS; otherwise, it's the inner width of an element in pixels. However even applying css does not get clientWidth/Height to work, and it doesn't seem to be an inline. – jeremykentbgross Apr 20 '19 at 7:20

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