I need to create a query using the join on various parameters like:

SELECT foo.*, bar.* FROM foo LEFT JOIN bar ON foo.c1 = bar.c1 AND foo.c2 = bar.c2 WHERE foo c3 = "somedata";

The problem is that I can't find how to create "AND" using FuelPHP Query Builder.


  • not aware of FuelPHP but their docs clearly show how to do it. For example $result = DB::select()->from('foo')->join('bar','LEFT')->on('foo.c1', '=', 'foo.c1')->where('foo.c3', "somedata")->execute(); – Reflective Oct 29 '12 at 14:40

It is possible to use multiple ->on with one join. In this case Builder will combine them using "AND".


The way they compile the on condition makes it impossible to set values like status = 1

I added the function on_string to the \Fuel\Core\Database_Query_Builder_Join

public function on_string($string) { 
    $this->_on_string = $string;
    return $this;

in compile()

       if ($this->_on_string == "") { //yau add on string
        $conditions = array();
        foreach ($this->_on as $condition) {
            // Split the condition
            list($c1, $op, $c2) = $condition;

            if ($op) {
                // Make the operator uppercase and spaced
                $op = ' ' . strtoupper($op);

            // Quote each of the identifiers used for the condition
            $conditions[] = $db->quote_identifier($c1) . $op . ' ' . $db->quote_identifier($c2);

        // Concat the conditions "... AND ..."
        $sql .= '(' . implode(' AND ', $conditions) . ')';
    } else {            
        $sql .= '(' . $this->_on_string . ')'; //yau add on string

Do expose your method to Database_Query_Builder_Select as well.

    public function on_string($string)

    return $this;

I don't think that's required Tan Shun Yau. You can select based on strings but you will need to escape the value's like so :

->on('t.object_property', '=', \DB::quote($property));

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