I was making a new design for my website. I thought that I should make different boxes. All of their borders and backgrounds had to be same, but their heights and widths had to be different. So, I created a css class.

    background: url();
    background: -moz-linear-gradient(left,  rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 0%, rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 100%);
    background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5)), color-stop(100%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5)));
    background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left,  rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 0%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 100%);
    background: -o-linear-gradient(left,  rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 0%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 100%);
    background: -ms-linear-gradient(left,  rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 0%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 100%);
    background: linear-gradient(to right,  rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 0%,rgba(0,90,255,0.5) 100%);
    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#80005aff', endColorstr='#80005aff',GradientType=1 );

    border:thick white groove;


I put the HTML code in the body as -

    <body onload="load()">


        <div style="width:1120px">
            <img src="images/blu-logo.png" style="float:left;">     
            <div class="box" style="width:900px;height:50px;float:right;margin-top:100px;">

        <div class="box" style="width:900px;height:500px;">
            <p>Sample text</p>


I don't know how but something crazy happened when I viewed the file in the browser as the division(<div>) that was supposed to be below the other actually went on the same position as the first one.


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I think that your problem is to do with your floating elements.

Try and the css property "overflow:auto" onto the DIV which contains the two floated elements.


Clear the floated div/img - you can add an empty div with a style attribute or give it a clear class to use for other elements (br is an option as well)

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