We are trying to upgrade an mvc 2.0 application to mvc 4.0.

This is what I tried 1>Installed mvc 4.0 2>Changed the project to target .net framework 4.0.

How ever when I check the project references, the System.web.mvc being targeted is still version

Do I manually delete these references and add them again?


Yes, delete the references to System.Web.Mvc and re-add them. This is in accordance with the release notes for upgrading from MVC 2 to MVC 3, and the same principal applies going to MVC 4.

In Solution Explorer, delete the reference to System.Web.Mvc (which points to the DLL from version 2), then add a reference to System.Web.Mvc (v3.0.0.0).

(or to v4.0.0.0 in your case)

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