I have been work on a module with Opencart and I was wondering how I can get current user information.

I was thinking something like this: $this->getuserid();


I just found it out:


and so on.

The source code (including the other methods available) is located in the system/library/customer.php file.

You can use the methods just anywhere.

Hope this helps.


There is difference between customer and user. To get current user ID (admin, manager etc) do the following:

  • Exactly! I was searching for user and the answers have been for customer in so many posts, it's confusing. Thanks for the help. Mar 29 '17 at 13:02

Another way to get the id of the user that is currently logged in


In oc3

You can get the library folder in


In the customer.php file, you will get all the functions where you can call in your controller and check it out.


Get your customer id and etc etc you can get it from the customer.php file.


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