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Hi we have a CRM System that needs to change SMTP server once updated by the admin. We have a table that returns a set of data that contains the SMTP Settings that has a status of 1 needed. The problem is it still relays to the localhost smtp even i've sent the SMTP settings to the htmlMimeMail.php (class) Here is my code:

function sendEmail($txtFrom, $subject, $to, $cc = NULL, $bcc = NULL, $strHTML, $txtModel='')
        $sql  = "SELECT * FROM smtp_server WHERE status='1'";
        $rstemp = $this->cn2->Execute($sql);
            $SMTPid = $rstemp->fields['id'];
            $SMTPServer = $rstemp->fields['server'];
            $SMTPPort = $rstemp->fields['port'];
            $SMTPauth = $rstemp->fields['auth'];

        $fromEmail  = $txtFrom;
        $from       = $fromEmail;

        $mail = new htmlMimeMail();
        $mail->setSMTPParams($SMTPServer, $SMTPPort,$SMTPid,base64_encode($SMTPusername),base64_encode($SMTPpass),$SMTPServer);         

        if(trim($txtModel) != '')
            $file   = strtoupper($txtModel).".pdf";

                $attachment = $mail->getFile($this->dir.$file);
                $mail->addAttachment($attachment, $file, "application/pdf");

        if (!is_null($cc) && $cc != '') 
            //$arrEmail = explode(",", $cc);

        $mail->setBcc($bcc.', sample@email.com');

        $arrEmail = explode(",", $to);      
        $result = $mail->send($arrEmail);

        return $result;

Am i missing something in my code? I also added ini_set

Here is the function that receives the parameters.

function setSMTPParams($host = null, $port = null, $auth = null, $user = null, $pass = null,$helo = null)
    if (!is_null($host)) $this->smtp_params['host'] = $host;
    if (!is_null($port)) $this->smtp_params['port'] = $port;
    if (!is_null($helo)) $this->smtp_params['helo'] = $helo;
    if($auth == 4){
        if (!is_null($auth)) $this->smtp_params['auth'] = true;
        if (!is_null($auth)) $this->smtp_params['auth'] = false;
    if (!is_null($user)) $this->smtp_params['user'] = $user;
    if (!is_null($pass)) $this->smtp_params['pass'] = $pass;
Table definition
id|server           |port|user|pass|auth |status
1 |localhost        |25  |null|null|false|0
4 |somesmtp@mail.com|25  |user|pass|true |1
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tried, just to test, hard coding the values rather than pulling them from the db? –  Dagon Oct 30 '12 at 9:45
tried also hard coded values still relays on the localhost i think im lacking something but i dont know what it is.. any suggestions on this? –  Kiel Oct 30 '12 at 9:47
still not working.. –  Kiel Oct 30 '12 at 11:45

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