I am looking plugin to run .html file in browser and also open folder in windows explorer.

The reason is simply. I always start work in the same way: run Sublime Text 2, click 16 times with mouse on folder to open folder with project and run index.html or other. I also need open folder because i copy there from time to time some graphics or other files.


Navigating to files
You can save your workspace as a project in Sublime Text so you don't have to re-navigate to the same files every time.

  • Open the files you need and lay them out however you like
  • Go to Project > Save Project As and save the project file somewhere convenient
  • Open the project file to resume work on those files

As a side note, I highly recommend the SyncedSidebar plugin to automatically expand the sidebar to reveal the files you have open.

You should also be able to right click in the file you're editing and "Reveal in Windows Explorer" (I use a Mac so I can only verify "Reveal in Finder").

Opening in a browser
You can set up a build path for this, or use a plugin like View in Browser.

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