Currently, my Java applications have the same version on every build. I am using Maven, but I am not sure how to set up the workflow to add a version to the application on each build.

I imagine this works with my version control system? I am using git, does this mean I need git tags?

Thanks for any insights, I know it's a big question, but I am not sure where to get started.


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You start by setting your version to, for example, 1-SNAPSHOT.

Then you use the maven-release-plugin to release early and often.

In the interim, each snapshot gets a unique timestamp.

If you want to apply a version that isn't the official maven version, see the buildnumber-maven-plugin.


I use this Maven plugin:


and get it to generate a git.properties file for me. This includes the commit id, comments, etc.

From there, you can do whatever you like. I have a properties page in my webapp that simply iterates over everything in git.properties. Works for me.


You can use maven POM file to define versions. Here is an explanation.

Also you can update versions using this.

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