I have tried to get the plugin params in the component area, but i didn't get the result.

Is there anyway to get the values.


May this will help you- Read more

JPluginHelper::getPlugin($type, $plugin) //It will return the plugin

For Example-

$plugin = JPluginHelper::getPlugin('authentication', 'ldap');
//$params = new JParameter($plugin->params);//backward compatibility
$params = new JRegistry($plugin->params);//Joomla 1.6 Onward
echo $params->get('param_name','default_value');

$params will function like normal JParameter object and enable you to get values.

Note: Use JRegistry Instead of JParameter

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    Use JRegistry instead of JParameter since Joomla 3 – Marko D Aug 11 '13 at 20:19

JParameter was deprecated in Joomla v1.6.x,Joomla v2.5.x & Joomla v3.0.x.. reference

If you want to decode the params value,use JRegistry instead of JParameter


$plugin = JPluginHelper::getPlugin('system', 'sslredirect');
$params = new JRegistry($plugin->params);
echo $params->get('param_name','default_value');

Deprecation message in parameter.php

// Deprecation warning.
JLog::add('JParameter::__construct is deprecated.', JLog::WARNING, 'deprecated');

Here is a snippet of a Joomla code in PHP that let's you access plugin parameters anywhere inside Joomla

// Get plugin 'my_plugin' of plugin type 'my_plugin_type'
$plugin = JPluginHelper::getPlugin('my_plugin_type', 'my_plugin');

// Check if plugin is enabled
if ($plugin)
    // Get plugin params
    $pluginParams = new JRegistry($plugin->params);

    $param1 = $pluginParams->get('param1');
    $param2 = $pluginParams->get('param2');
    $param3 = $pluginParams->get('param3');

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