I've been looking for the skinpacker from the libgdx SVN without success. and then I learn it's no longer exist. SO, the question is how do I create a skin.json file to use in my libgdx project. Do you know any tools that allow me to work with GUI to create a skin. THank you.


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As Gnurfos says, you need to run TexturePacker2 to generate the skin files. I found it helpful to set up a helper class so I don't have to remember all the path information.

public class AssetPacker {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

Here are some related notes from my project's README file.

To edit the graphics files, edit the contents of vograbulary-test/assets-raw, and then run vograbulary-test/src/com.github.donkirkby.vograbulary.AssetPacker. To change the font, follow the instructions for running Hiero. Launch Hiero, open the vograbulary-test/assets-raw/default.hiero settings file, and then save the font file over vograbulary-android/assets/data/ui/default.fnt. That will also generate default.png, which you need to move back to vograbulary-test/assets-raw/skin/default.png. Finally, run the AssetPacker again.

The original creation of the skin is described in another question.


With the latest versions, you don't need the SkinPacker.jar anymore.

Here's how I do it:

java -classpath $CLASSPATH $CLASSNAME $INPUTDIR $OUTPUTDIR uiskin.atlas

This generates a uiskin.atlas and uiskin.png, assuming you put all .png in a directory called uiskin_elements.

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