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Unable to create the virtual machine

Warning during installation of WP8 SDK: "This computer does not support hardware virtualization, which means Windows Phone Emulator 8.0 can't run on this PC."

Environment: Windows 8 Enterprise 64, on a VirtualBox VM, 4G RAM.


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You must run your Windows 8 instance on bare metal, not in a virtual machine, to be able to test WP8 apps on WP8 emulator.
I've described more requirements for the WP8 development here:

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This issue is that you cannot have a box inside of a box and expect to have the same exact coin in each box, that is to say that you cannot run a virtual machine in a virtual machine and have them both using hardware virtualization extensions to speedup processing, I't looks like your running in a virtual machine which is your issue. To use the virtual phone you must install windows 8 on your base pc, or another windows 8 compatible pc. This is the only way to use the software due to the way it was coded.

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