I would like to parse strings like "1" or "32.23" into integers and doubles. How can I do this with Dart?


You can parse a string into an integer with int.parse(). For example:

var myInt = int.parse('12345');
assert(myInt is int);
print(myInt); // 12345

Note that int.parse() accepts 0x prefixed strings. Otherwise the input is treated as base-10.

You can parse a string into a double with double.parse(). For example:

var myDouble = double.parse('123.45');
assert(myDouble is double);
print(myDouble); // 123.45

parse() will throw FormatException if it cannot parse the input.


In Dart 2 int.tryParse is available.

It returns null for invalid inputs instead of throwing. You can use it like this:

int val = int.tryParse(text) ?? defaultValue;

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