Several years back, I innocently tried to write a little app to save my tactically placed desktop icons because I was sick of dragging them back to their locations when some event reset them. I gave up after buring WAY too much time having failed to find a way to query, much less save and reset, my icons' desktop position.

Anyone know where Windows persists this info and if there's an API to set them?

Thanks, Richard


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If I'm not mistaken the desktop is just a ListView, and you'll have to send the LVM_SETITEMPOSITION message to the handle of the desktop.

I googled a bit for some c# code and couldn't find a example, but I did found the following article. Torry: ...get/set the positions of desktop icons?. It's delphi code, but I find it very readable and with some P/Invokes you'll be able to translate it to c#.

  • I started using that code as the basis, but then while googling something from it, found the link I posted as an answer, so I'll credit you with the answer, thanks. Sep 26, 2008 at 16:38
  • Hi, I don´t quite understand how to send the "message"! Furthermore not sure how to implement it - the given example was no help for me, because the written code was not explained. Are you able to give a short example how to get the location of the icons and rearrange them? Thanks for helping
    – JanF
    Sep 12, 2021 at 2:40

The desktop is just a ListView control and you can get its handle and send messages to it to move icons around using LVM_SETITEMPOSITION.

Getting icon positions using LVMGETITEMPOS is a bit more complicated, though. You have to pass a pointer to a POINT structure as your LPARAM. If you try to do that, you will likely crash Explorer. The problem is you passed it a pointer in your address space, which the control interpreted as a pointer in Explorer's address space. Ouch!

The solution I've used is to inject a DLL into the Explorer process and send the message from there. Then you just have to have a way to get the position info back to your process.

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    Note that you may not need to inject a DLL: you can send the message from out of proc, and use VirtualAllocEx and Read/WriteProcessMemory to set up the memory in explorer's process space, so that you have a valid LPARAM pointer (from explorer's point of view) to use. This way avoids having to communicate back to your own process or deal with a separate DLL.
    – BrendanMcK
    Jul 28, 2011 at 23:16

I am still looking into this and will post the result once I finally get something working. I'm posting this because, thanks indirectly to Davy's post, I also found a classic VB implementation:

Shuffle Desktop Icons Using Interprocess Memory Communication

and that will probably be the basis for my code.


I have no idea about the API, but I know Ultramon (http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/) has a feature included for preserving icon placement (although I've never used it for preserving icon location, it is indispensable for multiple monitor usage). The latest beta release works flawlessly with Vista (except for sometimes having a minor glitch or two when initially logging into my machine via RDP), and of course, haven't had any issues with XP. I've used it for over four years now.

And did I mention that it's the best utility for multiple monitor usage?


may be you want this one?I find it in 《WindowsCoreProgramming 5th》 https://github.com/wang1902568721/WindowsCoreProgramming

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