In the emacs org agenda view(today), I schedule some tasks with the <scheduled date>. But now I want to remove the <scheduled date> single task or mutli tasks together. (Don't want to schedule them to the other day).

Now I have to <TAB> each tasks, and delete the <scheduled date> line.

Is there any quick key (speed key?) to do it?

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tl;dr : In the agenda, m on all these tasks, then C-u B s.

This called for quite a bit of searching, but org-mode is powerful.

According to the manual,

C-c C-s (org-schedule)
When called with a prefix argument, remove the scheduling date from the entry.

and, in the agenda:

B (org-agenda-bulk-action)
Bulk action: act on all marked entries in the agenda.

s Schedule all items to a new date.

So what you need to do is:

  • In the agenda, mark all the items you want to remove the sheduled date from (with m, like in dired)
  • C-u as the prefix argument to remove the scheduling.
  • B s to run org-schedule as a bulk action.

And you're done ! Enjoy :·)


Remove scheduled date for single item

In agenda view, Press C-uC-cC-s on task.

Remove schedule date for multiple items

Answer by Nikana works perfectly well.

In agenda view, Mark the tasks with m then C-uB-s.

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