I'm very interested in creating a social networking app for iOS, like Instagram. It would be an app that would require users to create an account and would allow them to comment, share info and update their profiles using only the app as a service (no website in mind as of yet).

Unfortunately I'm absolutely new to this part of iOS development. Can anyone recommend good tutorials for newbies on how to set up the back-end component of such app (server, protocol, etc.) and how to tie it to the app? Thanks in advance!

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  • Learn Objective-C, PHP, and SQL. – Mick MacCallum Nov 1 '12 at 11:19

You might find the tutorials on Ray Wenderlich website useful. There are lots of tutorials for starters and at least one tutorial covering the back-end integration.

For back-end solutions I find the services from parse.com and kinvey useful. Both websites also provide tutorials and samples regarding iOS. In particular, Kinvey provides some iOS examples for creating social apps.


There is a tutorial on highoncoding.com. The link is here: http://highoncoding.com/Categories/37_Mobile_Development.aspx . There are three parts to the app.. Have a look at it....

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