I am doing a site in php which has a graph , images shown belowenter image description here

I have searched alot but i can't find such graph.Any body pls help.

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  • check the highchart - highcharts.com – Pragnesh Chauhan Nov 1 '12 at 11:24
  • If you want to draw a chart in javascript use highcharts, but I'm not sure if you are asking that ... – Pigueiras Nov 1 '12 at 11:25

Try amchart see this link http://www.amcharts.com/javascript.

I have added a working demo in jsfiddle checkout this http://jsfiddle.net/limijerin/DF8w2/9/


You may want to start with looking at the canvas element, and it looks like a fill color should do what you want.

This is a good introduction:


Basically, you will create the canvas, and you can put the text on it, but I am not certain if IE9 will allow you to draw the text.

Here is a link on how to do it in Firefox:


Then just draw your lines from point to point with a line at the bottom of each graph, and just use a fill color.


To search successfully it helps to know what the name of that kind of graph is. This kind of graph is called a sparkline. Now that you know what it is called you can search for it.

Just googling "javascript sparkline" leads to lots of results with the following being the top results:


JavaScript can be used to dynamically generate a bar graph with user supplied data. This is due to the simplicity of bar graphs in general, which consists simply of images of varying lengths. We use JavaScript to dynamically write out each image, each with its length calculated using the data entered.

All we need is a simple 1x15 image to start things off:

If I wanted to stretch this image to 50x15, I do so by generating the image using JavaScript:

document.write(<img src="poll.gif" width="50" height="15">')

And with this forms the basis of a dynamic bar graph! Here's a simple script I wrote that demonstrates a working example of graph creation using JavaScript:

var graphtext=new Array("Jill", "Bob", "Tony") //Graph items
var graphvalue=new Array("60", "45", "95") //Graph values (in percentage, so 70=70%)
var barlength=200
for (i=0;i<graphtext.length;i++)
document.write (graphtext[i]+
    ': <img src="poll.gif" width="'+
    '" height="15"><br>')




The secret here is the code:


This makes the width of the graph dynamic and based on the data supplied by the user. Basically each width is derived by dividing the input value by 100 to get its percentage equivalent, then multiplied by the baseline bar image length.

There you have it! Dynamic graphs made possible using JavaScript. You may want to take a look at a script called JavaScript Graph-It from JavaScript Kit, which is a user friendly and more sophisticated JS graphing script. That's where I got the general idea of this tutorial from.


You can do it using jQuery and HTML5. Follow the link below for the tutorial.


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